Thursday, March 18, 2010

La La La Fail.

Right, so that 3 a week concept? EPIC FAIL already. It's Thursday, and unless I crank out another entry tomorrow and one Saturday morning before I go to Reno, (haha right, like hubby will dig that) my big plan bites the dust.

But hey, I DID say that I wouldn't beat myself up over not making it. So...

Anyways! I have used my fabulous Green-Pan two or three times now and I fucking LOVE it. I barely have to touch it with the soft side of a sponge and EVERYTHING comes off of it. KICK ASS. I'm so investing in more of these pans if this one keeps up at this rate.

Also, I'm going to Reno this weekend! We'll be gone for 4, count 'em 4 days. Fun times will be had by all! My niece Stephanie (who's 25, I'm a young aunt [by marriage] who's not even 32 yet!) is bringing her friend Alexis and they're going to watch my kids for me while the hubby and I head out for adult time. When we get back, they're free to do whatever they want. So that leaves the day to spend with our kids on the Midway playing games and watching acrobats. Hopefully we'll go to the Scheel's sporting goods store too. It's going to be EPICSAUCE.

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