Monday, March 08, 2010

Case of the Fucked up Frying Pan

Post one for this week:

I got a new saute pan today. My lovely expensive Pampered Chef one has shit the bed, so to speak. It's supposed to be guaranteed for life that the teflon won't scratch. BULLSHIT. Less than a week after I had it, shit started sticking to it.

So I got a new one. And it's GREEN. I don't mean the color green, I mean ecologically green. I got a 12 inch skillet from the GreenPan company, website here:

I haven't used it yet, but it looks pretty awesome. So we'll see how it goes when I fry potatoes in it next time.

And I'm sending the Pampered Chef one back. It's supposed to have a lifetime warranty that they'll replace it so even though it's been a few years, they have to replace it. I've never used metal on it, only wood and plastic and I'll swear in court if I have to.

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