Monday, March 29, 2010


And my epic fail is ever more evident in the fact that I have not posted in more than a week. I did say that I wouldn't be berating myself over it though, didn't I? Well then, I shall refrain from self-flagellation with the bamboo whipping stick and I'll opine about the last week of spring break.

Last Saturday I took a trip to Reno with my husband and children. We spent four days being entertained by the Imperial Acrobats of China, the halfway decent buffet, and the never-ending stream of pink tickets on the midway inside of the Circus Circus hotel. We redeemed more than 10,000 tickets for a pile of useless and semi-useful crap for the kids and hauled it all home, not aware that half of it would fall to the wayside within minutes of walking through the front door.

Then came a trip to one of my favorite cities, San Francisco. We spent a couple of hours visiting the California Academy of Sciences before making our way back to our van, which was parked an incredibly long way from the Academy. From there we drove over to Fisherman's wharf to visit Pier 39. We ended up having dinner at one of my favorite, though overpriced restaurants, Bubba Gump's. We were able to sit at a window facing the bay and my kids giggled and pointed out every boat on the water that went by.

Last but not least, this past Saturday we decided to take a drive up to Bear Valley. It was a beautiful warm, sunny day. Since the weather is becoming so nice and warm, we thought it would be a good idea to take the kids sledding in the snow one last time before it all melts. We headed up in the morning, spending a peaceful 2 hours enjoying the scenery and parked on the street in Bear Valley Village. After getting all decked out in our snow boots and beanies and gloves, we headed across the street to the sledding and tubing hills, run by the good people of Bear Valley Cross Country. They've been operating a their business for many years now and the people that helped us out at the hills were just fantastic.

If these trips aren't a good enough reason for having missed blogging this past week, then I don't know what would possibly work.

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