Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Glee, I can hardly contain thee

So I've got this possible opportunity to be a contributor to a blog and I'm extremely excited about it but at the same time I'm apprehensive. I have a deadline for how many contributions I need to give per week and I dictated what I could contribute, so if I struggle with it, it's my own fault. But I'm a little anxious because aside from school papers, I've never had a deadline before. And this is going to be a weekly deadline basically. This will be ongoing, just like someone who has a job in magazines or newspapers.

Which scares the bejeezus out of me because it means this is the next step towards realizing my dream of becoming a writer. I'm full of fears that I won't be good enough, that I won't get enough done on time, that I'll disappoint someone or that I won't have any support. And there's the sneaking suspicion that I'll have to call it off at some point in time because I won't be able to handle the commitment, which is akin to failure to me. I just have to cross my fingers and hope that I can stick to my guns and get this done. I've started preparations to get my filler ready and I've begun research into the areas that I'll be writing about, so I have to trust that this will work out in the end.

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  1. You'll do great! *hugs* That's so awesome.

    You could make yourself commit to writing X words or for X amount of time per day? Whatever works for you. :)